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Re: tcpdump

	You can print the whole packet. There is an option to dump the packet
in hex. I think this is the -x switch. Beware, because it will only
print the first n bytes (n around 50, I think). In order to print the
whole packet, I think you can use the "-s" switch to set the number of
bytes tcpdump will print.

	Hope it helps

		Mariano Korman

Brian Lee escribió:
> Hi,
>  I have just installed ds on 2.2.10 and prior to testing it I have been
> checking
> out tcpdump to monitor the received packets. However i cant see how to get
> IP header information from tcpdump except the TTL and the packet ID which
> are printed using the -v or -vv option. The man page clearly states that the
> TOS should also be printed but I have not gotten it. I cant see that tcpdump
> is much use without the IP header. Any comments or assistance are welcome !!
> brian