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Re: CBQ vs. TBF

devik@cdi.cz wrote:
> So that can I assume that I never need to use TBF as leaf
> discipline of CBQ ? Or is TBF's shaping better than CBQ's
> bounded class ?

In principle, CBQ should be sufficient. Of course, TBF may be easier to
set up in most cases. Also, a few months ago, I tried to do exactly this,
and got funny rates with CBQ (off by a factor of 2-3, I think).
Checking what went wrong there is still somewhere on my to do list,
maybe it was just pilot error.

With PRIO+TBF, it worked as expected, so if you try CBQ and fail, you
may want to fall back to PRIO+TBF (and let us know that you've hit that
problem too).

- Werner

 / Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH       werner.almesberger@ica.epfl.ch /