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Re: DS marking


Thanks for all the valuable replies.

In case anyone want to know waht's wrong with my previous script, here
is the answer I got
from email reply.

The line
$TC class change dev $OUTDEV classid 1:2e dsmark mask 0xc0 value 0x2e
should change with this line:
$TC class change dev $OUTDEV classid 1:2e dsmark mask 0x3 value 0xb8

DSCP uses the first 6 bits of TOS 8-bit field.
-mask 0x3 means that we need all bits of TOS except the 2 lowest bits.

-value 0xb8 means 0x2e << 2 (assume 0x2e is the value you want to mark
as DSCP)

The strange value 0x76 I got from my original script is due to some
remarking at the router.
The test bed is not setting properly.  : )

Special thanks to Marival, Ricardo, and Regos for their valuable

By the way, the mailing list is not setting properly. The reply sends
to the sender not to the list.
I think there could be a reply-to field poit to the list.

Have a nice day!
 (~._.~)  ? ?? ??  (Qun Ying)
  ( O )