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communication with TC

Tang Chin Hooi claims the following:
> Hi! 
> I'm on the way to write a program that required to deal with the tc.
> I would like to ask can I directly communicate with tc instead of using
> the function system("tc qdisc add dev eth0...") in the program. Is there
> ant functions in the tc program that deals with the tc command?
> Thanks a lot!!!
> Regards,
> Tang Chin Hooi

This is exactly even what I wanted. You can take another approach.
Pramodh has started with providing system calls which somehow don't 
use netlink sockets. But the difficulty is that one has to write some 
more code for providing some more of queueing disciplines. Only 
a few queueing disciplines have been written. 
But I am trying to use both the utilities. 
As today morning he told me, people have questioned his approach 
here. I don't know why.