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I have not been able to solve it, partly because I have been busy at other
things. I am using kernel 2.2.10 and DS6 and iproute2-_2_2_4 990630.

I have had a quick recompile of  the kernel setting  all requisite flags .
The dsmark symbols are defined in the system.map for the kernel so I
conclude the software is included. I have not recompiled tc but the
DS_CONFIG flag is correctly set to yes and the dsmark software is included
n the tc  executable.

So the question is what does the RTNETLINK error mean ?
I assume the error is returned from the dsmark code in the kernel
which does not
understand the syntax of the command as given but how can that be
if the command and associated script work for other people.

I take it from the underwhelming response from the experts on this board
that the answer must be obvious but hey I dont mind some help..
What of it guys ??


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dhiman Barman <dhiman@cse.iitb.ernet.in>
>To: Brian Lee <blee@iol.ie>
>Date: 10 March 2000 06:24
>Subject: Re: RTNETLINK error
>>Brian Lee claims the following:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I have just started playing round with Linux ds by trying to implement
>>> the examples from Werner's Diffserv paper. When I enter
>>> tc qdisc add dev eth0 handle 1:0 root dsmark indices 64
>>> I get the message 'Invalid Argument' from RTNETLINK.
>>> What is the problem ?
>>> If I omit a parameter e.g 64, I get a usage message from dsmark giving
>>> command format.
>>> I have however been able to build a cbq link hierarchy using tc and and
>>> defined
>>> a number of u32 filters (more or less as per example from the paper).
>>> seem to work. So I can define cbq qdisc's but not dsmark. I would
>>> any help to resolve this.
>>  Hi Brian,
>> Even I am getting the same error. Could you tell me how have
>>you solved it ?