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I have an application on my machine which marks the tos of its outgoing
packets with 0x1c - I'd like to ensure a
minimum output bandwidth rate for these packets.  Can I set a "min" rate
using a ds class or filter?  My machine has only
one token ring card.

For laughs, I tried the following to limit the max output rate:

tc qdisc add dev tr0 handle 1:0 root dsmark indices 64
tc class change dev tr0 classid 1:1 dsmark mask 0xfc value 0x001c
tc filter add dev tr0 parent 1:0 protocol ip prio 1 u32 match ip tos 0x1c
0xfc police rate 500kbit burst 200k drop flowid 1:1

but this results in all traffic being limited.  Do I need the "class" if my
application is doing the DS marking?
In the "filter" - the "drop" is only applied to packets with tos=0x1c that
exceed the policed rate, correct?
Because it seems that the filter is dropping packets that fali the match on
the tos, ie. tos=0x00.

David P. Olshefski