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Diffserv over ATM not really supported by Linux??

Hi all,

The main purpose of Diffserv over ATM functionality should be:
- meter and mark IP traffic
- send it to different PVCs

We have tried 2 ways to implement this:
1.) We created several ATM interfaces (i.e. atm0, atm1 etc.)
    Unfortunately it is not possible to route packets with the
    same destination address to two different ATM interfaces.
    (According to Werner, Mailinglist, Routing and ATM-Linux 03/03/2000)
2.) We have tried to use the ATM queuing discipline. This works fine,
    but it is not possible to mark the packets, because marking is done
    at the "dequeue-function". But the packets never get that function
    (no matter how many qdisc you nest into each other), because 
    they leave earlier via ATM queueing discipline. (According to

Can anyone suggest any other implementation?