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Setting rate for tbf

        I want to change the rate of the tbf after the queuing discipline
is installed. 
        I was looking  the code and think that 
        static int tbf_change(struct Qdisc* sch, struct rtattr *opt) this
function should come in handy. I want to call this function from
tbf_enqueue not for all the packets but few special ones.

The problem :
        tbf_change needs a rtattr structure pointer.

1. I cannot build this structure as tc does it as I do not have 
struct nlmsghdr.

2. So during tbf_init call I store a pointer to the rtattr sturcture as I
have added struct rtattr in the tbf_sched_data.

        Now I can pass this structure to tbf_change but how should I set
the rate to the desired rate I want.In tbf_change.....
        Does setting the rate in the qopt->rate.rate to the new rate
suffice? This is before the call to rtab = qdisc_get_rtab(&qopt->rate,

I shall highly appreciate any inputs or other ways of tackling the

Karan Gupta