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Re: Clarify

Hi Mariano,

   Sorry for the delay in reply.

>         Can you tell me how yo do this? I think you need a *really large* file
> so the tests lasts enough to compare results.

We are using a file of size 102 mb to compare the results.

>         From what I see in the scripts, you are allocating the same bandwidth
> to the different flows (5 Mbit each), and you are just allocating
> different priorities.

>         Furthermore, I see another problem: the traffic is priorised on the
> eth0 interface (your scheme is copied below), that is, the link between
> the router and manchines A&B. However, you have *not* prioritised the
> link between the router and machine C.

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes.

 We are still working on this. Will get back to you soon.
Thanks & Regards,