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Re: Incorrect bw distribution and a hang - is it my script?

On Sat, 1 Apr 2000, jsp wrote:

> The first problem was that it didn't work over a CLIP (ATM PVC)
> interface..  When I have more exact information and maybe some logs then
> I'll write more - it's probably an ATM problem though.  I'll try some
> more up-to-date patches first though.
> The second problem is script one - attached below.

Why dont you stick to deriving scripts from some of the examples/diffserv
scripts? They have had some testing at least.
I didnt go through your whole script but using "weight 1Mbit" is  the only
funny thing i see.

> The third problem is a bit more serious - because it hangs the machine
> completely.

What was the second problem? ;->

> The script I believe is a fiddle of efcbq but when we send packets with
> 0x2c then the machine just hangs.
> We are using kernel 2.3.40, the latest iproute2 and atm-0.68 (but that
> shouldn't be a problem
> - the scripts always attach to an eth i/f).
> I'm reluctant to go to newer kernels becuase the router is booted off
> nfsroot and there are some complications with the newer kernels - or
> problems with hardware etc..
> I would be very grateful if someone could have a quick look - all we
> want to do is assign different hosts different shares of the o/p bw.
> The hang is a bit worrying - I can reproduce it (just by switching it on
> and sending packets) and run any tests people want.

Send an oops output, that would be more helpful. I forget whether the
kernel already had the DS patches in on 2.3.40 or are these your own