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Re: TC calling sequence timing


> > - Linux doesnt do the EOI functionality; but it should be easy to add;
> Really? Well probably this is the reason for this behaviour; I have
> misunderstood that after EOI net_bh is marked active and so run queues is
> performed.

It is not EOI, but device throttle/unthrottle. If device is shaped
and, hence, not saturated, linux never marks bh.

Linux scheme is fully equivalent to EOI scheme used by bsd,
when device has no hardware queues. In the opposite case, it is
also equivalent, but logic is inverted.

> Yes work will be done from the timer, but it will programmed to do the
> transmittion at the proper timer and not a more or less random interval (at my
> example timer 15ms, random interval aproximatelly 150ms), so shaping will be
> in fact more accurate, but any way it sure adds more work for this very
> special case.

Please, explain. Seems, I missed your first mail. I do not understand.