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about TBF:


I'm using TBF qdisc, and I want to have a rate for any flow, then what I
need to know is, why the time between last packets leaving the buffer
increases a lot (from 0.1 sec to 2 sec) while it has been more or less
constant during all the flow.

    This is the result I get when I use a buffer limit of 11.000Kbytes,
and a burst of 1.5kB.

However, when I use a buffer limit of 1.000kbytes and keep the same
burst, what it happens is that the time between the packets remains more
or less constant. WHY??????

Related to this subject, I have another question, what limit in advance
the rate? the rate of the class or the rate of the qdisc TBF??? Or shall
I take the lower of both in order to limit the rate??

thanks in advance