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I have some problems configuring a gred.

For my first problem I found a solution
(the problem is that the example of gred configuration (23/10/99) don't
In the new version (March) of iproute the example works fine).
But my problem is that I want to implement a configuration more complex that
the example,
and this don't work.
I think that my problem is in the filter of definition of wich DP (after the
And my question is, why in the definition of this filter are attached this
to qdisc 1:0
and not in the qdisc where are defined the gred setup (make more sense for
me) ???

I want to know too, what I can do to implement simultaneously a edge and
core router (in the
same router)?? The problem is that the packet are only marked at the end of
the dsmark queue
and will want that they are marked in the start, to after goes to rigth flow
(core part).
What is the solution ???