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A doubt regarding ingress flow control on an edge router

Hello all,
 Lets say I am having  a typically priotitising scenario in which the edge
router is doing delay treatment on some basis.
 When I use ftp or some other application my request packet is generally small
lets say a "get" packet in case of http.But when my data comes in from other
side than its gonna be huge file(lets say) in that case my prioritisation is
kind of failing ,as this file transfer might quench my input bandwidth.If this
is a valid point then I was wondering as why dont we have queues for the
ingress traffic also ...I mean to say,having similitar kind of queues on the
reception side also.And which wud delay the ACK for the next burst of data
transfer from the sender ,thereby giving other imp file transfers more ingress

If some kind of mechanism is already addressing this problem please let me know.