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Debugging in QoS

There is a way to debug QoS? 

I am new to QoS in Linux and I am trying to implement the examples in the Docs. 
But I can't make it Work. Maybe I am forgetting something obvious. 

I have the IPROUTE2 patched for diffserv, I have a 2.2.14 pacthed for Diffserv
and compiled with every QoS option enabled. I am following the README of the 
IPROUTE2, and a paper about implementation of QoS. I implemmented 2 classes 
and 2 route filters to select the traffic to the queues. The command IP 
from IPROUTE2 patched to diffserv don't accept the flowid key. Then I tried to 
to implement u32 filters but I don't see the QoS working.

     Jose Calhariz