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atm arguments


I want to send ATM traffic to another machine using Diffserv , and what i figure out until now is that we need to have an atm class before a diffserv queue to ensure that the traffic is marked before leaving the interface. Am i right ?

But i have a big problem on implementig an atm class because i dont know the meaning of several arguments. Can anyone explain me the arguments below or refering me some documents. Thanks!

 ./tc class add atm help

Usage: ... atm ( pvc ADDR | svc ADDR [ sap SAP ] ) [ qos QOS ] [ hdr HEX... ]
  [ excess ( CLASSID | clp ) ] [ clip ]

Another dout is , do we use an atm qdisc before an dsmark qdisc , or simply just an atm class before an dsmark qdisc for distinguishing traffic entering on a interface ?

Joao Brandao Reis
email: ee94002@reinolinux.fe.up.pt
WWW: http://reinolinux.fe.up.pt/~ee94002/