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Re: Ports

> I think we need to document u32. If someone hasnt done it by mid August
> i'll do it.

I'm beginning to write a full documentation for the Linux QoS from the
user's point of view (documentation from the programmer's point of view is
already available). I'm reading the tc utility source code and some
linux/net/sched code, but it's still quite difficult for me to understand
some things.
If someone more knowledgeable than me on the subject is willing to help me,
be welcome.

Right now I'm trying to undestand the estimator and policer.
AFAIK, the policer is used by filters (only?), and is most useful in ingress
nodes. But the estimator, what is it used for? The comments say it's there
as a base for statistical multiplexing. But how? Does, for example, the cbq
algorithm need it? I don't see (maybe I'm short sighted...) anything using
the avbps value calculated by the estimator, for example...

Any help on this subject (or any other relating to the configuration of QoS
on Linux, for the matter) is more than welcome.

Rui Prior