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throttling incoming traffic

Is it possible to throttle the incoming traffic? I have tried adding the
following u32 filter:

   $TC filter add dev $DEVICE parent 1:0 prio 1 u32 \
         match ip src $IBM_R0_IP/32 \
         flowid 1:1 

My assumptions was that any traffic with the source filled in with
$IBM_R0_IP would be assigned to class 1:1. However, it is not working.

I am starting to think it isn't possible, because the output of 'tc -s
qdisc' and 'tc -s class show dev eth0' give information about number of
bytes and pkts sent through this class, but not how many received.

So my question is... is what I want to do possible? If so, then how? If
not, then what is the 'match ip src' for?

Armando L. Caro Jr.                                  acaro@cis.udel.edu
University of Delaware                   http://www.cis.udel.edu/~acaro