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Re: Bandwidth-question

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Jan Selzer wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I'm using DiffServ on Linux with tc-tool. 
> I installed a script for core Router( see below )
> Bandwidth I use BE-5Mbit
> 		EF-3Mbit
> 		AF11-4Mbit
> 		AF21-3Mbit
> If I send only BE with 5 Mbit it is ok- all packets arrive. 
> If I send BE with 7 Mbit, arrive about 5 Mbit(because of bounded
> bandwidth)
> My problem:
> If I send simultaneos with 7Mbit of BE 3Mbit of EF, then 
> all EF packets arrive.(it's ok) But all 7Mbit of BE arrive too.(despite of
> 5Mbit limit)
> Why ?
> Is it normal behavior ?
> Or it is an error in my script ?

Sounds very weird that you have a physical device that can do 15Mbps.
That could be your problem. Never ever lie about your physical devices
bandwidth ability.