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Re: CBQ scheduling

Hi, Urs

Urs Hengartner wrote:
> I'm observing behavior for CBQ scheduling that I cannot explain.

A similar thing has happened to me.

> Bandwidth distribution works as expected unless I configure the two
> child classes to be non-bounded. In that case, both flows get about
> the same bandwidth. Is there a logical explanation for this behavior?

When I define the classes as "bounded", they get the correct bandwith.
The problem is that they can't borrow any unused bandwidth :(

Some weeks ago, somebody on this answered a question of mine on this
same subject. I quote his answer with double ">":

>>In regards to CBQ class differentiation:
>>* the first differentiator between classes is the priority; the lower >>the
>>value, the more important the class is; 
>>* the second is b/width: if you give wire rate speed eg 10 Mbps on a
>>10Mbps line, then it will starve the least important class.
>>* Weight and allot could also be used to differentiate: In the case >>where
>>you have given equal priority to classes then each class's quantum is
>>defined by the product: 
>>"it" meaning the class.

You have specified the same priority and the same weight for the two
classes. Maybe if you stated weights 9 and 1 for the two classes?

PLEASE, if you try this out and it works OK, let me know, since I'm just
working on this same feature at the time.


	Mariano Korman