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Re: new WRR sched, updated TBF and "real" ingres implementation

Hello all,
Well very interesting stuff, especially the classful tbf. As for the WRR
can not this queing behaviour being simulated with tbf qdiscs attached
to a prio one? On the other hand I imagine that WRR does not program a
timer for each queue but only when the whole tbf throttles. That way, by
not introducing timer interrupts for every class, as for the prio->tbf's
case, is more computationally efficient.

devik@cdi.cz wrote:

> Hello,
> I needed in my company to distribute bw from shared
> wireless link. Because I was not able to setup CBQ
> for it I patched kernel and implemented new qdisc.
> - TBF now supports inner qdisc
> - new WRR (weighter round robin) qdisc
> - hack to allow ingres trafic queueing/shaping
> All is based on 2.2.15 kernel, if someone will
> find it useful let me know and I can try to implement
> in into latest kernel.
> All infos are at http://luxik.cdi.cz/~devik/qos.htm .
> devik

Panagiotis G.Stathopoulos
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