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Re: Problems with 'tc' Under Linux 2.4-test4

I think you'll find you haven't enabled the QoS routing.  I've only done it on
2.2.16,  so I'm not sure if 2.4 has changed the options.  Under 2.2.16, if you
do a make menuconfig it's under Networking options->QoS and Fair queueing.


Charles Tassell wrote:

> I'm trying to get traffic shaping working under Linux 2.4-test with
> iproute2-2.2.4-now-ss000305 and I keep getting the following error whenever
> I try to use tc to setup a queue:
> root@gateway:~# tc qdisc add dev eth0 root handle 10: cbq bandwidth 10Mbit
> avpkt 1000
> RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument
> root@gateway:~#
> tc -s qdisc gives the same error. I've built the kernel with the
> Kernel/User netlink socket, Netlink device emulation, Network packet
> filtering, and all the options under IP Netfilter Config turned on (set to
> be included right in the kernel, so it's not a module I'm forgetting to load)
> Anyone got any ideas, or any documentation on tc that might help?  Doing an
> strace on any tc command shows it trying to open /proc/net/psched which
> doesn't seem to exist.  I've also seen it looking for the q_cbq.so library,
> which also does not exist.