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Priority Queueing

I have a question regaurding priority queueing.

I have :

tc class add dev eth1 parent 10:1 classid 10:200 cbq \
	bandwidth 100Mbit rate $CLIENT_2_BANDWIDTH allot 1514 weight \
	$CLIENT_2_PRIO prio 5 maxburst 20 avpkt 1000 bounded

tc filter add dev eth1 parent 10:0 protocol ip prio 25 u32 \
	match ip dst $CLIENT_2_IP flowid 10:100

Which allots bandwidth  thereby segmentmenting eth1 by the specified
rate. Say $CLIENT_2_BANDWIDTH=20Mbits which means that ip now has 20Mbits
all to themself, but can never exceed that a case of bandwidth division.

I do not want to divide my bandwidth, rather I would like to allow full
troughput for all except in times of heavy congestion. I want to be able
to reserve bandwith for certain IPs (Video Conferencing say). By removing
the 'bounded' will that allow $CLIENT_2_IP to burst into full bandwidth
when available but also reserve 20Mbits  for $CLIENT_2_IP in heavy

Thanks I hope that makes sense.


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