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Re: Comments on Setup

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Charles Tassell wrote:

> I've got a T1 connection to the Internet, and I'm trying to limit one of 
> our customers from sucking up all our bandwidth.  I've come up with the 
> following script which seems to work fine in a test area of 4 or 5 
> machines, but I'm wondering if there is anything I should be looking out 
> for when I put it on the full network, with thousands of IP connections 
> going through it instead of just the 10-20 I have going in my tests.  Any 
> comments would be appreciated.

Should still be the same setup; except now more flows will be fighting for
the same bandwidth. TCP shares nicely -- so for n flows in the same class
allocated x bps total: when all are active over a long period of time, you
should see x/n bps for each flow; so as n goes up, the fair share of each
flow in the same class will go down.