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Arp Table Problesm with Linux QoS?

I'm attempting to run traffic shaping on Linux via cbq queues, and I've run 
in to a problem.  When I compile the QoS support into my kernel (either 
2.2.17pre15 or 2.4.0test5) I suddenly get problems with my arp table.  The 
arp table maxes out at about 1024 entries, and it just doesn't seem to 
flush them quick enough to get new ones in.  Also, "ip neigh flush dev 
eth0" doesn't seem to actually do anything, after running it there are 
still the same number of entries in the ARP table, and with the same status.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and, hopefully,  found a  fix?  I 
was looking through kernel options last night, and found an experimental 
ARP daemon link that looked interesting, but the daemon doesn't seem to be 
maintained anymore (the web page for it is gone, it's not listed on 
FreshMeat, and the only thing I can find for it on the web is a Debian 
package) so I'm a little leery about trying it.