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Re: A question about priorities

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Nikhil Bansal wrote:

> But ingress queueing shapes only the traffic coming from other interfaces,

true and this shouldnt affect localy generated traffic but could be used
on the receiver side.

> Is there a plan to do so in near future ?

Ask Andi ;-> Maybe ANK. I saw some code stubs in TCP (net-*) i think which
seem to be aware of this.

> > If you are doing this correctly, then the effect you are describing is
> > what you should see. 
> > 
> This is what amazed me.
>  I thought that I should have seen 50-50 traffic for both the connections, since
> I am not influencing the incoming rate, but I was completely surprised to
> find that I was able to get almost 100% of the bandwidth for the higher priority
> connection, when the connections were UDP.
> I feel that something really strange is going on.
> If you want I can send over the code for you to see.
> When I had TCP socket connections, I was seeing about 50-50 bandwidth.

Hence the criteria i mentioned: "If you are doing this correctly".
How do you know you are doing it correctly? If the higher prio queue is
always full, then obvioulsy it is incorrect. Do rate control in user space
and see if the problem is still there.