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Re: about tc commands user


you have to bee root to add traffic control elements like

I'm not sure about any method to do this as a guest user.

As guest user you can only show statistics with

tc -d qdisc dev eth0 show
tc class dev eth0 show
tc filter dev eth0 show


On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Akihiko Nishitani wrote:

> Hello,
> We are having probrem about user executing "tc" commands.
> We ran following "tc" command by guest user mode.
> guest-user > tc qdisc add dev eth0 root handle 1: cbq bandwidth 10Mbit allot
1514 cell 8 avpkt 1000
> mpu 64
> then, the error message "RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted" was
> Should we have to switch user to root(super-user) when run the tc command?
> Is there any method to execute the above "tc" command by guest-user?
> Our software environment are as follows.
> redhat-Linux-6.2J(kernel 2.2.14)
> Differentiated Services release 8
> regards,
> akihiko nishitani