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Re: Syntax and semantics of the DS parameters

Dear Patrick,

Anyway, I really appreciate your immediate reply.
Almost all my question is cleared.

Let me ask you just one more question for full
I visited around the URL you pointed, but still could
not know the semantics of the parameter such as
"defmap" and  "defchange".

On the URL, they are introduced just like
"defmap          : defmap information" and
"defchange       : defchange information".

I wonder again if everyone around DS can get to know
their semantics only by the aboves.

Are they specific to programming in DS,
or general in Diffserv or anything standardised in IETF?


> Hi,
> In my opinion a bounded class can not borrow bandwidth from parent classes.
> A isolated class can not lend available bandwidth to child classes or so...
> look for the Packet-Shaping-HOWTO.txt on e.g. Altavista for 'bounded' and
> 'isolated'
> and on
> http://www.ittc.ukans.edu/~pramodh/courses/linux_qos/mainpage.html
> for the rest.
> Patrick