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Re: A question about default class creation

hi Aditya,

> If we give a command
> tc qdisc add dev eth0 handle1: root cbq bandwidth 10Mbit avpkt 1000 mpu
> 64
> This creates a queuing discipline
> My question is:-
> Does it also create a class(a :0 class which is attached to the root
> of device eth0,and which takes the CBQ parameters give in the above
> command.)which would be automatically created when we create a qdisc.

in case of cbq, you need to add  classes by youself. you need to create
first a root class with its parent id the qdisc handle.. then you can
assign childern classes with parentid of the root class. Notice the 
qdisc and the root class are two separate things.

you may check Saravan notes .. example of cbq for the script.

some qdisc will automatically created when a qdisc created... (like prio)

> If it is so then does it mean that instead of the above command we could
> have given
> tc qdisc add dev eth0 handle1: root
> command...to create the qdisc only...since the CBQ parameters are
> required for the class ( a :0 class )
> or In this case  some other default class would be created
> Thanks in advance for your time and help.
> warm regards,
> Aditya