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Re: cbq_ovl_classic ( overlimit function )

>    While going thru' the code in the kernel we found that while
> configuring cbq class , the overlimit function pointer of the
> cbq_class structure is getting initialised to cbq_ovl_classic , which
> is hard coded in cbq_init function .
>    There are other functions also available like cbq_ovl_drop ,
> cbq_ovl_drop ...etc .....
>    What are the characteristics of each of these functions ?? Is there

ovl_drop is quite useful, it drops one packet from class which
is overlimit and can't borrow.
ovl_rclassic penalizes top class which inhibited borrowing instead
of leaf class - it penalizes all subclasses of affected agency
ovl_delay delayes leaf until it goes underlimit - as oposed classic
is to delay until leaf goes underlimit OR can borrow.

> some way by which we can change the overlimit functionality thru tc ,
> or we need to change the cbq_ovl_classic to cbq_ovl_drop in cbq_init .

there is RT command to do it but it is not implemented in
tc tool. I played with it by changing it directly in code ..

HTH, devik