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Re: tc-cref?

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 02:25:42AM +0200, Charles Tassell wrote:
> Actually, there is a beta version on the web at 
> http://atm.tut.fi/list-archive/linux-diffserv/msg00557.html  I was talking 
> to the author about a month ago, and he is continuing work on the document, 
> so a newer version may appear on the list soon.  I really hope so, I've got 
> traffic control up and going, but I still don't completely understand the 
> usage of tc.

There is far more comprehensive material available than that, e.g. see
http://snafu.freedom.org/linux2.2/iproute-notes.html which does a good job at 
compiling the available information.

Other than that you can only read the papers about the queueing algorithms,
or the source code.