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3 simple questions

Hello all,

some hint or answer on theses questions would be fantastic for me:

1) Could anyone send a simple PRIO qdisc example. I read M. Jamal mail
saying that it's as simple as attaching PRIO qdisc somewhere and direct
packets from filters to different bands. But it seems it doesn't work (for
me). What Priomap is? Any example?

2) Does ISOLATED parameter work? I've tried and I've got strange
results; classes gets more than asssigned (I set it with bounded parameter

3) How is unused bandwidth assigned to active priority-one classes? I
mean, if I set weigth=1 to all classes, when unused bandwidth is
available, priority-one classes gets it in the same proportion. I know
that Alexey recommend to set it proportional to rate, but why?

Thanks all.

Enginyeria en Informātica ( Universitat de Girona )