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Re: Traffic shaping and bursty data

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Jason Harris wrote:

> I'm currently using the iproute package with the 2.2.16 kernel to perform
> traffic shaping on tcp connections between two machines. I can successfully
> traffic shape each TCP connection between the two machines to be at 33Kbps,
> however this only works when the data being transmitted is larger than about
> 10KB. Anything smaller than 10KB goes at line speed (100Mb LAN connection
> between the machines).
> Does anybody have any ideas why this would happen and how I can fix it? I'd
> like to have all traffic regardless of amount transmitted shaped as I
> specify it. 
> The policy for each port is:
> class cbq 11:1086 parent 11:1 leaf 9e97: rate 33Kbit cell 8b (bounded) prio
> 5/5 weight 3Kbit allot 1514b 
> level 0 ewma 5 avpkt 1000b maxidle 209915us
> qdisc cbq 11: dev eth1 rate 100Mbit (bounded,isolated) prio no-transmit

MTU 1.5K thats about 6-7 packets in each flow ;->
Try limiting cbq maxburst to a small number. The other thing that might
help is to attach a policer on the classifier; but more than likely
maxburst would suffice.