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FAQ/Quick howto (Was: Ques on Diffserv on egress side only [Jamal pls read])

>>>>> "Rex" == Rex Buddenberg <budden@nps.navy.mil> writes:

    >>  Ahh, so there is a FAQ?!? Where? Have been unable to find
    >> any...  --

    Rex> Give me a couple weeks.  I'm collecting a few things off this
    Rex> list now and mumbling about how to organize it all.


Could anyone then, in the meantime give me a quick example how to do
bandwidth control?

eth0:   Internet (radio or fibre link)
eth1:   Intranet (twisted pair, 100Mbit)
eth2:   DMZ      (twisted pair, 100Mbit)

1. Everything from eth1 TO eth0, EXCEPT IP address range 'aa.bb.cc.dd/XX'
   (which sits beyond eth1) should have a maximum bandwidth of YY.
2. Everything from eth0 AND eth1 TO eth2 should not have any bandwidth

    Rex> Meanwhile the thesis alligators are nipping at me and the new
    Rex> academic quarter starts next week ...

I know the feeling... :)
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