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Re: FAQ/Quick howto (Was: Ques on Diffserv on egress side only [Jamal pls read])

>>>>> "jamal" == jamal  <hadi@cyberus.ca> writes:

    jamal> On 26 Sep 2000, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

    >> Could anyone then, in the meantime give me a quick example how
    >> to do bandwidth control?

    jamal> You probably have to use a mixture of fwmarking and traffic
    jamal> control.
    jamal> For details look at the examples directory in iproute2

Naturally I did that, but I didn't understand a word (LITERALLY)!

They where so full of abbreviations and 'weird' concepts, that I just
got a headache from reading it... :)

Some nice examples on exactly how to do this, with COMMENTS would be
extreamly appreciated! It's nice to know HOW to do it, but what's
even better is a understanding on WHY to do it (ie, exactly how/why
the examples work).

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