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about Linux Advanced Networking...

I'm reading your document called "Linux - Advanced Networking Overview, Version 1" and I am wondering if your wrote an update of this document ?
Maybe you know when all these features will be contained in the linux kernel... I've heard about the 2.4 series in autumn of this year...
And finally, I'm not sure to right understand a point : when dealing with Linux DiffServ, we are often told about iproute2 package. Is that mean that it will be included in the next 2.4 kernel series too, as "route", "ifconfig" or "netstat" are, or will "ip" and "tc" replace all these.
Last question :
What is the link between your work, Werner Almesberger's (from EPFL) about Traffic Control, and Alexey Kuznetsov's (from INR) about iproute2 ? Will there be an integration of all these in the 2.4 kernels ?
-- Yacine El Mghazli
  Alcatel Corporate Research Center (CRC)
  Software and Services Strategic Program
  Marcoussis, France
  +33 1 69 63 41 87