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2.3.99 pre2 CBQ

Hi all

Has anyone tried testing CBQ with 2.3.99 pre2 kernel. I tried to set up
CBQ on an ATM interface and was not able to notice any differentiation or
treatment to packets even when I use 'bounded' with the tc commands.

I tried to test it with a 2.2.10 kernel using ds-8 and appropriate tc,
and it works perfectly, i.e. I can see the class differentiation. 

Do I have to add some patch to the 2.3.99 pre2 kernel to make it capable
of providing appropriate treatment. I believe the 2.3.99 kernels
themselves have the inbuilt support for the same. 

I would be greatful if someone can give me some clue or pointers to the


P.S : I am using atm 0.71.