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Re: research questions

Hello Muneyb,

When you say "Active and Programmable network" you also mean QoS
Discovery, I mean finding/discovering QoS capable network equipments
and identifing what kind of QoS resources are available/in use ?

I've been studing it (QoS discovery) and right now I am looking for
alternative ways of getting resource information from network equipments,
e.g., not just SNMP, LDAP, X.500, etc.


ps.: sorry by my english.

Rodrigo Uzun Fleischmann
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On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Muneyb Minhazuddin wrote:

> > At 4:16 PM -0400 10/11/00, Dhiman Barman wrote:
> > >Hi,
> > >   May I know what are some of the open problems with Linux-diffserv
> > >which one can look at as potential research areas.
> > >
> > >db
> > 
> > There are a number of bit-fiddling questions which get debated on 
> > this newsgroup.  But one of the real-world problems is how to control 
> > QoS.  If everybody has the 'priority button' what's to keep them from 
> > all pushing it? Leaving us back at the best-effort position we're at 
> > now.
> IMHO, the SLAs that are established between the edge and the core (or
> enterprise and ISP) will be able to resolve this issue by MF
> classification, policing and remarking. Therefore even if everybody pushes
> the 'priority button' they will be given only the capacity that they have
> paid for and negotiated in their SLAs. Such a situation has been accounted
> for in the RFCs.
>   There's language on bandwidth brokers in the IETF working group 
> > papers, but not much in way of implementation.  As a suggestion....
> Bandwidth Broker specs and implementations were assigned to the
> Internet2's Qbone community and is available from their website. There is
> a freebsd implementation by Andreas as well.
> There has been attempt for Intserv over diffserv using COPS-ODRA by
> Roberto Mameli and Stefano Salsano from CoRiTeL, my understanding from
> Roberto's presentation at Adelaide IETF meeting was that they had used
> linux, I don't know the status (if Roberto is still on the list, he can
> give us an update). The IDs were
> 	   COPS Usage for Outsourcing Diffserv Resource Allocation 
>            draft-salsano-issll-cops-odra-00.txt 
>            Integrated services over DiffServ network using COPS-ODRA 
>            draft-mameli-issll-is-ds-cops-00.txt 
> I have been concentrating on extending the Linux QoS architecture for an
> Active and Programmable network. A few vendors are headed in this
> direction and standards are in there incubation stage, a linux
> implementation attempt would keep us ahead. I will send out an
> announcement once I have something decent going.
> All the best.
> Cheers
> Muneyb.
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