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Re: BE and EF Isolation

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On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Rui Prior wrote:

> > I think you missed the point here.  The class was specified as
> > 'isolated'.  Bandwidth should not be borrowed from isolated classes,
> > just as bounded classes should not borrow.
> You're right, but in order to make CBQ work conserving things have to be
> this way.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the class IS isolated, but only
> as long as the other classes have enough demand to use the remaining bw.
> You may use a TBF as the parent of the class in order to implement a
> properly "isolated" class.


	Assume a 2Mbit full duplex curcuit (E1 to keep the number

	2 classes, same prio, 1Mbit, only difference is one is
isolated, one is not.

	Both streams run flat out, 1Mbit/1Mbit.

	Isolated stream flat out, other stream inactive, 1Mbit + 1Mbit
borrowed = 2Mbit.

	Isolated stream inactive other stream flat out, 1Mbit + 1Mbit
borrowed from inactive isolated stream = 2Mbit.

	If this is the case what is the use of the isolated keyword?
I understand there needs to be a minimal flow via the CBQ queue for it
to do anything, but shouldn't the flow in the non-isolated class keep
the CBQ queue active to enforce the isolated class, considering both
classes are running within the same CBQ queue?

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