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Re: research questions


Apart from looking at COPS-RSVP, I suggest you look at the SBM draft as well 
(RFC 2814). This is a standard mechanism for policy decision points (PDP's) to 
be "inserted" between RSVP clients and routers.

I'm not sure if Linux RSVP clients have SBM client support... I know Microsoft 
Win2K clients do, plus the Win2K server can function as a SBM.

Mark Wodrich.

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At 4:16 PM -0400 10/11/00, Dhiman Barman wrote:
>   May I know what are some of the open problems with Linux-diffserv
>which one can look at as potential research areas.
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There are a number of bit-fiddling questions which get debated on 
this newsgroup.  But one of the real-world problems is how to control 
QoS.  If everybody has the 'priority button' what's to keep them from 
all pushing it?  Leaving us back at the best-effort position we're at 
now.  There's language on bandwidth brokers in the IETF working group 
papers, but not much in way of implementation.  As a suggestion....


/\/\ark \/\/odrich