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Re: ingress

>>>>> "jamal" == jamal  <hadi@cyberus.ca> writes:

    jamal> On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Rui Prior wrote:

    >> Does anyone here in this list know how to put "ingress" to
    >> work?  The famous script from Linux-2.4 Advanced Routing HOWTO
    >> fails completely.  (The problem is with the filter)

    jamal> There are plenty of examples that are in the iproute2
    jamal> examples directory.

Unfortunately I find these example worthless, since there isn't enough
documentation/comments on what's happening around the commands and what
the command lines do...

    jamal> CISCO CAR is documented at:

I'll have a look at this though...

    jamal> Lets walk through one of the examples; infact lets do the
    jamal> one with syn rate limiter

This is also something I'll have a closer look at... Thanx...
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