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Re: ingress

On 24 Oct 2000, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

>     jamal> There are plenty of examples that are in the iproute2
>     jamal> examples directory.
> Unfortunately I find these example worthless, since there isn't enough
> documentation/comments on what's happening around the commands and what
> the command lines do...

I agree that they require some knowledge (eg what is diffserv etc).

Code is written, little documentation goes along with it. This is related
to the scalability of the code authors given the volunteer nature.
The hope is that people will ask questions, and other people who know, 
what CAR is for example, would help in responding. The authors would help
in qualifying things etc. This distributed system definetly improves the 
scalability ;-> I know it will help spreading the knowledge better
So let me encourage other people who know the answers to please help in
responding to questions. Dont wait for Werner or me or devik or Mariano
to emerge out of the woodwork and respond a month later.