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Re: Nagg nagg... (example please!!)

On 25 Oct 2000, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

> >>>>> "Mariano" == Mariano Korman <mkorman@mat.upc.es> writes:
>     Mariano> basically, it consists of a CBQ with three classes. It
>     Mariano> implements EF, AF and BE. The RFC defines 4 AF classes
>     Mariano> with 3 drop priorities each.
> 'Here we go again'...
> Now, I wouldn't ask about this if I knew what all this means. And I
> can't learn what all this means, before I get a good example...
> Talking about CBQ, EF, AF, BE, XY, AZ, BEXQSEFJKDL etc is totally
> pointless. It might mean a lot to you, but absolutely NOTHING to
> me. If it did, I wouldn't ask 'such a stupid question'...

	One might bother reading Floyds paper on CBQ, as well as the
multiple RFCs/RFC drafts dealing with CBQ.  These provide all the
basic assumtions and definitions for things like CBQ, EF, AF, BE, etc.

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