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Re: Nagg nagg... (example please!!)

<joke>Turbo, maybe you need an intercooler...</joke>

Now seriously, cool down. I've been struggling with the lack of
documentation on linux traffic control for a long time. I think I know the
reason: usually, you get to know something from the user point of view and
only then you start looking at the source code and making sense out of it.
In this case, there's some reasonable documentation on the internals, but
almost no documentation at all on the usage.
In this case, people usually get one of the floating scripts and modify them
by trial and error until it more or less suits their needs. These people
don't get to know the tools well enough so they can explain them to new
users, and those very few who understand the system are working hard on the
system itself, and don't have time to "waste" with users. Sometimes, some
users are a bit annoying too, because they want to understand all of linux
traffic control in a couple of days without any previous knowledge of the
basic mechanisms (tbf, cbq, ...).
Sometimes you get help from someone with a deep knowledge (like Jamal) but
you shouldn't have to rely on that. Part of my MsC thesis (about 2 chapters)
is on linux traffic control, and I intend to translate these chapters to
English and publish them as soon as it's finished (maybe in a month). In the
meantime, get the "Linux 2.4 Advanced Routing HOWTO", which should get you
started on the subject of linux traffic control.

Rui Prior

> >>>>> "Mariano" == Mariano Korman <mkorman@mat.upc.es> writes:
>     Mariano> basically, it consists of a CBQ with three classes. It
>     Mariano> implements EF, AF and BE. The RFC defines 4 AF classes
>     Mariano> with 3 drop priorities each.
> 'Here we go again'...
> Now, I wouldn't ask about this if I knew what all this means. And I
> can't learn what all this means, before I get a good example...
> Talking about CBQ, EF, AF, BE, XY, AZ, BEXQSEFJKDL etc is totally
> pointless. It might mean a lot to you, but absolutely NOTHING to
> me. If it did, I wouldn't ask 'such a stupid question'...
> Being patronising won't help people, it will just make them irritated.
> I perfectly know that code comes first, documentation later (if at all :).
> I am no different from that, but I at least TRY to make sense IF I answer
> a request for help. If I don't want to help, because it's a question that
> I have answered a million times before, I rather keep my mouth shut, or
> the person asking a relevant answer that is 'self explanatory'.
> Saying a lot of cryptic abbreviation isn't help, it's just bragging how
> good you are and how well you know this...
>     Mariano> Check this "core" script and when you're over, I'll send
>     Mariano> you the edge script
> Is this script self explanatory, ie do you say WHAT is happening and why?
> Just writing a example script without comments and posting it as a
> 'official' example is totally pointless. To take this script, modify it
> to my own needs (and to learn what all this diffserv/QoS etc is about)
> REQUIRE good comments! The examples in the iproute2 package is TOTALLY
> worthless! They might be very good scripts, and once I know what this
> is all about, might be a gold mine, but before that I have ABSOLUTELY
> no use for them, and referring to them is pointless.
> Sorry for the harsh tone, but I firmly believe (and have been raised this
> way, good or bad) that "If you don't know what to do now.. Don't do
> anything at all", "If you only have patronising remarks or flames to
> ad to a conversation, just shut up and say nothing". No one will be
> helped with remarks or flames that goes on and on about basicly nothing,
> just how darn good one self are...
> I asked for a example how to do bandwidth throttling on eth0. I thought
> (and still think) that this is a very clear and distinct question.
> An example 'this is how you do it', then explaining what each parameter
> do and a short explanation about 'if you want <this value> instead, do
> this'... It will not solve my problem, and maybe not give me the whole
> answer, but it will kick me in the right direction to allow me to come
> up with the REAL solution myself...
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