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Re: Nagg nagg... (example please!!)

Quoting Muneyb Minhazuddin <Muneyb.Minhazuddin@tip.csiro.au>:

> You will find both the papers that document tc and its diffserv extns.
> "Linux Network Traffic Control - Implementation Overview", April 1999 
> "Differentiated Services on Linux", June 1999 (draft-almesberger-wajhak-diffserv-linux-01.txt) 

I'll have a look at these documents later. They are way to techical for me currently,
and I prefere hands-on :)

> I will wait for you to try things on the compiled-in version before
> helping you debug errors.

The compiled-in version works much better. With a little trial-and-error,
I managed to throttle my whole internal network to 33.6k downstream (on a
100Mbit internal network :).

Currently I'm playing with ipchains and tagging, I'll give it a couple more
tries before I starting to call for help :)

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