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Re: Nagg nagg... (example please!!)

> Are these descriptions about in the style of
> draft-almesberger-wajhak-diffserv-linux-01.txt ? (I.e. overview plus
> detailed description of component, with list of parameters.)
> Starting with next month, I'll have a student working on documenting this
> mess. It's of course nice if some of the work is already done ;-)

I'm trying to document everything with detailed descriptions. I'm also
describing some shortcomings and bugs.
The syntax description includes even "hidden" parameters, i.e., those which
aren't documented with "help" (found out by reading tc sources). I hope the
descriptions are clear enough to someone knowing a little about QoS in
general and nothing at all about Linux QoS.
I haven't read thoroughly all of the kernel net/sched sources, so the
description will be the way I undestand them (and my testing seems to
confirm). Some independent documentation, thus, won't probably be wasted

Rui Prior