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RE: Nagg nagg... (example please!!)


> > Trying to load the module cbh_cbq.o I get a lot of 'undefined symbols'...
> > I'm trying compiled-in, and I'll see what happens...
> I will wait for you to try things on the compiled-in version before
> helping you debug errors.

I'm using linux-2.4.0-test9 and tried to compile QoS using modules yesterday.
I used modules if possible and then tried to insmod them.  It was no problem
for the queuing disciplines, I could later also use them from my tc-tool.
But insmoding the classifiers didn't work at all.  It justs complains about
missing the following symbols:


Obviously, they are defined in the police.c and according to nm on the
create vmlinux and the System.map file, they are included in the kernel
binary.  Maybe there is some kind of -export-dynamic problem, I just don't
know how the linux kernel modules works, so I can't find out exactly what
the problem is.  So now I am using compiled-in classifiers without any of
these problems.

/Martin Jacobsson