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ABE released (with EDF scheduler)

Recently, I mentioned that I had some code for EDF. We've released the
package that contains it:


ABE is a mechanism that gives you two equal yet different types of Best
Effort. For details, see http://ica1www.epfl.ch/PS_files/abe.htm

Note: this implementation is based on an older, somewhat messy design
of ABE (well, it shows), and it not entirely complete. The new design
hasn't been implemented on Linux yet.

EDF is mainly in sch_abe.c:abe_enqueue_green (just ignore all the RED
and timing code). This code also illustrates how one can test traffic
control modules in user space. (Although the includes I'm using for
this are admittedly quite ugly.)

Concerning EDF: here we have a special case with two insertion points.
In a general implementation, one may want to cache more insertion
points, or maybe use an entirely different approach. May depend also a
little on how bursty the traffic is.

- Werner

 / Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH           Werner.Almesberger@epfl.ch /