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Re: Nagg nagg... (example please!!)

>>>>> "Milan" == Milan P Stanic <mps@rns-nis.co.yu> writes:

    >> On 28-Oct-2000 Rui Prior wrote:
    >> Sometimes, some users are a bit annoying too, because they want
    >> to understand all of linux traffic control in a couple of days
    >> without any previous knowledge of the basic mechanisms (tbf,
    >> cbq, ...).

    Milan> You are (bloody) right. QoS is complex beast and if anyone
    Milan> wants to understand it, he/she must read thoroughly RFCs
    Milan> and other doc's about them.

I dissagre. You don't need the _INNER_ workings of how the kernel works
(with regards to QoS etc) and you don't need to read RFC's etc to get it

That's ludicrous. What you need is a simple explanation of the basics
and some commented/working examples.

I _STILL_ haven't read the RFC's etc, but I have now a rough (!!) knowledge
of how to do what I want to do. Sure, I'm a long way from you guys but
that's irrelevant. I can do what I want to do, and that's usually enough.

I don't understand how it works, but I can get it to work none the less...

To use it to the 'full extent of the law' (so to speak) most likely 
REQUIRE me to do all the RFC reading but I'll do that when I _MUST_
do it...

To get up and running is IMO more important than have the (full) understanding
of something. Having the (full) understanding is a must at one point,

    >> Sometimes you get help from someone with a deep knowledge (like
    >> Jamal) but you shouldn't have to rely on that.

    Milan> Why not (besides that the people make mistakes)?

This is also one of my 'religions' which I fight for. If someone have the
knowledge, they are OBLIGATED (not as serious at it sounds though) to help
(when time permits etc etc). 

'Information wants to be free' used to be one of the free software worlds
most important slogans. My interpretation of that is 'to help whenever
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