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Installing diffserv on linux


	I am new to diffserv/linux. I have been trying to install diffserv
over Linux. I am using RedHat Linux version 7.0 with kernel 2.2.16. After
downloading and unzipping the ds-8.tar.gz file, I followed the
instructions in the README file. When I run the patch command 
"patch -p1 -s /usr/local/diffserv/ds/patches/kernel.patch" from the
/usr/src/linux/ directory, it does not resond and just hangs. :-(
Alternately I also tried moving the kernel.patch file to /usr/src/linux
and running the patch command locally, as suggested in "Installation
HOWTO" on the linux-diffserv web site. Don't know if I am missing out on

	Can some one please help me on this one?!

Thank you very much.


 Kaustubh S. Phanse
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